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Imagine being thousands of miles from home, in unfamiliar surroundings, and feeling the emotional weight of that distance every day. Our mission at Operation Deployed is to bridge that gap with a touch of home and heartfelt support.


We are a nonprofit dedicated to supporting our troops overseas through care package and Chaplain support.


Care Packages and Beyond
Yearly, we send hundreds of care packages to our service members - food, toiletries, coffee, cigars, appliances, clothing. World's Finest Chocolate Bars; board and outdoor games. These aren't just boxes filled with essentials; they're parcels of appreciation, connection, and reminders of home. It’s our way of saying, “You're not forgotten.”


Emotional and Spiritual Support Through Chaplains
Chaplains are first responders in soul care and are plugged in and know when/where/what/why/how to support their service members. Suicides are up 30% in the Army alone.

Our care packages and programs like Holy Smokes, Brats and BBQ Package and Movie Nights packages foster connectedness, community, and resilience. This holistic approach has positively impacted numerous service members, lifting spirits, and strengthening morale.


How You Can Help
Your involvement makes a tangible difference. Whether it's through donating, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, your actions contribute to our mission. At Operation Deployed, every effort counts in ensuring that our brave service members feel remembered and valued.

Join us in this meaningful journey to show our troops they're more than just remembered – they're deeply appreciated. Together, we can make each mile away from home feel a little closer.


"Roberto......it was Christmas in October. The team was stoked. I picked up the healthy snacks, sunflower seeds, chips and salsa, hot sauce, beef jerkey and coffee. And the coffee machine!!!. That was a huge life saver as our old one broke Someone is already prepping the coffee pot for tomorrow morning.


We've been busy last few days. Pulled 16hrs today and shortly after dinner os when the mail came. Lifted up everyone's spirits. Tomorrow will be a long one and the extra thermos was genius. The team is excited about the cigars. We had a birthday earlier this week and mine is on Saturday, so we are looking forward to having one."


- Team Leader, Special Forces, Middle East

Our Mission

To enhance the mission success and effectiveness of military personnel by acting as a force multiplier for the Chaplain Corps. We help care for the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our troops by partnering with Chaplains and their ministry teams to supply care packages to servicemen and servicewomen throughout the world.

In the Beginning…

Robert O Barr, a.k.a “Roberto”, began Operation Deployed in 2014 out of a personal calling to serve the men and women of our armed forces. As a Christian and patriot, Roberto has a deep passion for putting faith and love of country in action through the efforts of Operation Deployed. After originally supporting anyone deployed overseas, Operation Deployed shifted focus to Chaplains as the principle point of contact. Today, Operation Deployed sends thousands of care packages to Chaplains to distribute to U.S. military bases, both internationally and stateside.


We’ve sent thousands of packages filled with food, toiletries, cigars, books, games and much, much more. However, care packages from Operation Deployed are more than just acts of generosity. They help create strong relationships between Chaplains and military service personnel that foster overall wellbeing. By facilitating these connections, our mission helps curb depression and anxiety, resulting in a more ready and prepared military.

100% of the monies raised for Operation Deployed goes straight to our mission!

Our Process​

Through extensive contacts with Chaplain, NCOs and Officers, Operation Deployed develops one-to-one relationships with units and teams. We then align unit needs with our resources to secure items in demand and send them to military bases. We also secure relationships with suppliers that provide requested items as a donation; for example, World’s finest chocolate Bars supplies us with 3,600 bars monthly.

Why Chaplains?

The Chaplain Corps plays a crucial and positive role in mission success, combat readiness and the effectiveness of the U.S. military. Chaplains care for the living, comfort the wounded and honor the fallen. By tending to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of military personnel, Chaplains fill a void that would otherwise be left unattended and vulnerable. Responsibilities include performing religious rites, conducting worship services, providing confidential counseling and advising commanders on religious, spiritual and moral matters.

Operation Deployed partners with Chaplains to distribute military care packages to servicemen and woman globally. Every care package that our troops open, also opens the door for Chaplains to do what they do best: help servicemen and servicewomen emotionally prepare for the hardships of battle and separation from the comforts of home and their families.

Fellowship Events

Operation Deployed believes in the power of human connections. We sponsor and support fellowship events that allow military personnel and their families an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, reconnect and have fun! Some of our most beloved events include outdoor game competitions, Honor the Fallen ceremonies, and our infamous Holy Smokes & BBQ cookouts, complete with a care package of stogies and food for the grill.

Board of Directors

Robert Barr, Founder & CEO, Operation Deployed
Craig Manske, Co-Founder & CFO, Operation Deployed
John N. Rapp. Attorney at Law, Rapp Law Group, LLC
Alexander Smith, Manager, Lou Malnati's

Ambassador Board Members

Brandon Barnholt, CEO, KeHE Foods
CH (Major) William Beaver, Garrison Community Chaplain, Fort Bliss
David Bere, Chairman, Stir Foods
Michael Bielski, Partner & VP, Esrock Partners
James Borishade, CEO & Executive Director of Circle Urban Ministries
Jeeny Reece Clark, wife of CH (CPT) Caleb Schumacher 2-504 PIR ‘White Devils’ 1BCT, 82nd Airborne Divison
Raleigh Decker, Senior Director of Communications, World’s Finest Chocolate
Danny Featherston, Account Manager-New Jersey, Public Sector at Cisco
Rick George, Partner, Kensington International
Jim Hallene, Partner, Cap Concepts
CH (MAJ) Jody Harlow, 4th Sustainment Brigade Chaplain
CH (MAJ) Anthony G. Harris BDE Chaplain 307th MDBD
Robert Hettinger, President and CEO, Progressive Dynamics, Inc.
CH (CPT) Jueun Kim (ED), BN Chaplain, 98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Special Operations) (Airborne)
Charles B Lewis, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP
Tim MacKenzie, Partner, Merit Capital
James B. McCarthy MDA, JD, Managing Director, American Intercontinental Healthcare Groups-Chicago Office
Dan McLachlan, M.D Ophthalmologist; Oculoplastics; Assistant attending Rush Hospital
Chaplain (Major) Eric Miller, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Chaplain (Major) Lisa A. Northway, Brigade Chaplain, 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade
Michael A. Ryabik, Managing Partner, The Mather Group

Operation Deployed, Inc.

704 Bittersweet Ln
Hinsdale, IL 60521



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