Operation Deployed Thanks You!

Every Generous Donation Is So Appreciated

Your generosity profoundly impacts the morale and welfare of military servicemen and servicewomen. An impressive 97% of the donations received by Operation Deployed directly fund our mission. Operating solely with volunteers and no overhead costs, we extend our deepest gratitude for your participation in our endeavor to give back to those whose service and sacrifice, along with that of their families, are paramount to our freedom.

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The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with more than 160,000 of its active-duty personnel stationed outside the United States and its territories. Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities—and has about 440 bases in the US. There are approximately 5,000 Chaplains serving our military.

• We supported 2% of the Chaplains last year overseas, in the US and onboard ships at sea.

• We supported about 2.5% of the larger bases overseas.

• We supported about 2.5% of the US-based bases.

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Our gifts lift their spirits and let them know their country is thinking of them


Care packages facilitated or distributed worldwide


World’s Finest Chocolate Bars enjoyed


Military service members and families impacted


Cigars and s'mores appreciated in the field or around a fire pit after long training days


Brats, bbq equipment, coffee indoor/outdoor games, healthy snacks, appliances and electronic equipment


Chaplains and their Unit Ministry Teams supported

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Chaplain Beaver, 1-7 CAV GARRYOWEN!

I cannot adequately describe for you the impact your contributions, including the World’s Finest Chocolate Bars, the countless care packages, the corn hole games, the printer for the Unit Ministry Team, and  the Holy Smokes cigars, had on our deployed Troopers in Eastern Europe. I found creative ways to distribute them to our troops dispersed over five countries. They were like keys to break the ice, give them a taste of home and open up deep conversation. Thank you so much!

LCDR Gene Monnin, CHC, USN, Chaplain, USS Chafee (DDG-90), Commander, Destroyer Squadron One

Deploying on a guided missile destroyer gets rougher over time. The ship is small, and you wake up every day in the same place, to walk the same passage ways to do the same work among the same people. As you might imagine, you start to feel like you're trapped - and there really is nowhere you can go to get away. Well, nowhere except imagination! Movie Nights are a big part of helping Sailors "escape" the confines of their daily routines. When we get them together, whether in big or small groups, just to pop some popcorn and enjoy some screen time together, it is amazing to see some of the stress melt away as they begin to lose themselves in the world of fiction and entertainment. There is always laughter, and community is built. At the end, most people are asking, "When's the next one?" It really does double-down on the fact that the simple things we take for granted, like a Movie Night, have power to uplift the human spirit. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

CH (CPT) Powers of 125th Chaplain Detachment

Operation Deployed is single-handedly the greatest boon to a deployed Chaplain as ever there was one. I met “Roberto” by chance as his name was passed off to me as a fellow cigar aficionado who might just support the ministry I was part of in Erbil Iraq by providing some free cigars. That is hardly where his support stopped. It is greatly due to his support that I was able to run a cigar-club ministry that saw at times 80+ people attend representing 12+ different countries. Besides providing material support to include brats n fixins, corn-hole games, DVD’s, cigars, and more, his constant encouragement and conversations and ideas helped to keep me motivated and excited for the next big event. What more, his 1000+ World’s Finest Chocolate Bars were an awesome ministry tool by which I could have offer to famished Soldiers and open up opportunities to speak into the lives of those under my charge. When asked to see my Sunday messages, Roberto actually took the time to read (EVERY ONE) and even pass along my sermons, offering encouragement all along the way. My ministry would not have been what it was without the material and verbal support of this man who is intimately involved with each and every chaplain he supports. I was supported by 30+ organizations in my eight months overseas and his organization not only sent whatever was asked (and unasked) but he was in communication with me as to the happenings of my base from start to finish. Much love and thanks Roberto for all you do. Only the best…for the best…by the best!

Chaplain (Major) Eric Miller, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

I have the honor and privilege of serving some of America’s elite warriors - the Green Berets. They serve in some of the most remote and austere environments. Whenever I receive care packages filled with great stuff and I get to deliver it to these warriors, they are incredibly grateful. The snacks, cigars, chocolate bars, and other quality items we receive from Operation Deployed provide an incredible morale boost and an opportunity for ministry to America’s finest. All these things serve to make the days and months away from home a little bit more tolerable. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Operation Deployed and its donors.

Col. Joseph J. Russell Task Force Al Asad USMC Command Element Marine Forces Central Command Forward

I have the privilege of commanding some of our country’s finest warriors. Each one of them has sacrificed time, comfort, and sleep to achieve this mission for both our country and the Iraqi people. That is why I wanted to write and say thank you and ask that you would extend those ‘thanks’ to all those in your network of support. You have made a difference here at Camp Havoc. Chaplain Shepherd and Chaplain Broderick continue to disperse your many gifts to our Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers and even members of the Danish Army. Whether a snack from home, a drink, a cigar, or a quick game on the X-box, your gifts are a huge morale boost. Your support has been so steady to the Chaplain’s office that it so warranted a personal thanks.

Sergeant Major, R, USMC

Myself and my Marines have been supported by Operation Deployed for my past four deployments, ranging from Combat deployments in Austere parts of Afghanistan and Iraq, to shipboard deployments serving as Americas force in readiness. Regardless of the deployment and where it was to, there was never a doubt that it wouldn’t be long before Roberto and his Operation Deployed team would get us packages that truly raised the morale of those who were the recipients. The care packages are always chock full of the best quality items our Nation has to offer, from beef jerky and candy to cigars and dried fruit and Americas Finest Chocolate bars, things that warriors both young and old enjoy when they are far away from home. The best part of getting packages is getting to deliver the items that those associated with Operation Deployed’s kindness and love provides. Every item that is delivered to a young service member from one of your care packages is a simple reminder of the amazing people that populate our Nation and how much they care for each and every one of us and makes the time away from our families go by that much faster. To say I am grateful for what Bob and Operation Deployed and its donors provide is an enormous understatement, but thanks for what every one of you does to support us!

Jenny Schumacher, U.S. Army, Chaplain’s Spouse

Operation Deployed is so much more than simply a blessing to the chaplains and soldiers who receive their care packages during deployments. As an Army chaplain spouse and Unit Ministry Team volunteer, Operation Deployed has been a blessing to me personally through the richness of new relationships formed while packing donated biscottis for the single soldiers in my husband's unit and through serving our soldiers by passing out chocolate bars before their month-long field testing in the woods. I've gained strength from seeing my husband and his soldiers be encouraged by the charity and brotherly love of this organization, as well as by the character of Robert Barr himself. In addition to encouraging our US service members, he made sure that I knew I was a valuable member of the military community as a spouse. During a surgical recovery, my husband was urgently deployed and unable to care for me. Robert sent me the loveliest variegated Poinsettias, reminding me that I was not forgotten or alone. They cheered me up and lasted all season long. Knowing our sacrifices are important to others is as meaningful as a military spouse. Robert's gift offerings are not always material. He often takes the time to pray with and for me, and I've come to consider him a true friend. "Only the Best, For the Best" is more than just a tag line to him and his ministry Operation Deployed.

CH (MAJ) Jody Harlow, 4th Sustainment Brigade Chaplain, Fort Carson, CO

Mr. Roberto Barr and his incredible Team of Volunteers go above and beyond to provide treasures of love and support in the form of coffee, cigars, chocolate bars, and so much more to bring hope, joy, encouragement, and light to Soldiers in every domain of service to our country whether serving at home or abroad. As a chaplain, I have been able to share these gifts with soldiers along with the message they convey that “you have worth and value, someone appreciates your sacrifice and commitment, and you are thought of and prayed for.” What Roberto does reflects one of my favorite quotes “to the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may just be the world!” This is just a small group of volunteers, but they make a world of difference in the lives of our nations heroes and I will be forever grateful.

Chaplain Ed Kim of 98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Special Operations) (Airborne)

What an amazing God-sent organization it is! Operation Deployed, without any hesitation, reaches out to any American heroes, throughout the world foot-prints whether in any harm’s way or in austere conditions. The impact OD left to our SOF operators not only enables their mission capabilities, but also brings light to their lives and lets them see the true love of God. OD also supports our Roasting for Soldiers (coffee roasting event), which provides tremendous opportunities for both Soldiers and Spouses to tighten their relationship through constant deployments. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for all care-packages and prayers OD provides us. God bless you!

CSM John S. Ugarte, Command Sergeant Major, TF ROCK, Rumaylan Landing Zone (RLZ), Syria

Thank you for being #1 in support of our Soldiers by sending us the best items I have ever received in over 9285 days of service (you do the math) and six deployments. Operation deployed helped us build from scratch five recreation sites. We received projectors, screens, popcorn makers, soundbars, video game systems, corn holes, ball tosses, toasters, and hot plates. We went from nothing to weekly movie nights with flavored popcorn. Additionally, they shipped us hundreds of cigars with humidors to store them properly. The support you provided gave the chaplain and his CSM the ability to share great cigars with teammates during multiple battlefield circulations checking on Soldier morale and base security. The bratwursts Roberto sent himself without the help of his staff helped too! Tremendous impact on all our morale!! Thank you!!