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Our Partners

San Lázaro Coffee

Cultivated with dignity

We are proud to provide employment to more than twenty women raising their families in the Sierra del la Botija forest. For them, prior to working on our farm, coffee had always been their heritage, but it had never been a viable livelihood. Because we are committed to the people behind the coffee bean, we pay our agronomists above established fair wages, effectively uniting heritage and livelihood again on the mountain.
Mission Lazarus

Helping more than 100,000 people

Mission Lazarus has helped more than 100,000 people find dignity and purpose in Honduras and Haiti. We are strongly committed to programs and services that positively impact others without leaving a trail of harm in its wake.
KeHE Cares
KeHE Cares

Our people put their hearts where their hands are

KeHE Cares™ gives our employee-owners opportunities to volunteer in the US and abroad. We serve in local soup kitchens, create healthy meal kits for the hungry, build latrines in developing countries, repair homes after natural disasters, collect relief supplies and much more.
Worlds Finest Chocolate
Worlds Finest Chocolate

We fund communities™

Delivering Extraordinary Value with Fun and Purpose is what our employees aim to do every day. Our shared values include making delicious chocolate from our family recipe; providing high-quality, affordable products; offering fundraising solutions that are easy to execute; servicing our customers well; and working safely. It’s definitely fun to make chocolate, and it’s even more fun to make chocolate that makes a difference.
Elim Logo

Grounded in faith. Reaching ever higher.

We support children and adults with disabilities in leading their fullest, God-given lives. We dream big. And we impart those dreams in everyone we connect with—students, adults, schools, the community, and the world at large—to create a brighter, better day. Now and in the future.
DSI Logo

Our projects are like our partnerships: they're built to last.

DSI is committed to building quality construction projects, meeting deadlines, and over-delivering on promises. Our commitment to teamwork, both with the people we work with and the people we work for, is what makes us different. We’re more than just general contractors. We’re team builders.
Esrock Partners, Inc.
Esrock Partners

Food Fuels Our Passion

Esrock is the only food brand activation agency that leans on 40 years of strong industry relationships for real insights that shape our common sense marketing solutions.